• Oct

    Happy Halloween from the Piraeus Data crew :)

    There were more costumes too, and some brilliant karaoke by even our newest crew members. Fun was had by all!

  • Oct

    So it isn’t quite the 31st yet, but it’s Halloween in the work place today.  I haven’t seen many costumes besides the girl walking near me at the bus stop with a crown on her head and some velvet, but all the same, according to the data from the past few years I have at least a 50/50 shot at seeing more by the end of the weekend.


    This data is from the National Retail Federation, which you can find here. These results are from last year, and I like academic inquiry into why certain costumes are picked.  The press release from last year says

    “The departure of both nurses and politicians from the top costumes list could be an indication that Americans would like to shelve the health care reform debate – at least for one night – to have a little bipartisan fun,” said Tracy Mullin, NRF President and CEO. “Pop culture always influences Halloween costumes, and it will be interesting to see how creative Americans can get this year.”

    Maybe this year it will be Lady Gaga? After all, she has spawned an academic journal, so I think she’s rather well invested as a Pop Culture Icon….

    Take a look at the data from NRF and see what kind of visualizations you can make!  And if you want even more information on Halloween trends and traditions, check out this article in National Geographic News.

    NRF already has some data for 2010… so for those who are participating in Halloween, this is how they plan on doing it:

    Chart: How Consumers Plan to Celebrate Halloween 2010


    How Consumers Plan to Celebrate Halloween 2010

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